Find Holiday Cottages in North Yorkshire

Finding the perfect place to stay for your next vacation can be easy if you are looking for Holiday Cottages on the Yorkshire coast, residents let out all year round. You’ll have a holiday to remember with excellent accommodation in beautiful surroundings.

Holiday Lets Yorkshire Coast

The landscape of Yorkshire is wide and varied, but one thing is for certain: the coast is a very popular destination. Yorkshire coast visitors can be found enjoying locations such as Redcar, Whitby, and Staithes.

The natural beauty of the Yorkshire coast attracts people from many different locations. The majesty of strong rising cliff faces is contrasted with open moors and small villages. Coastal walk paths meander through the hillsides and bring surprises and new views at every turn. There is nothing quite like the beauty of the scenery that holidays around the north and east Yorkshire coast can provide.

Holiday lets near Whitby are extremely popular due to not only the natural local landscape but for all the other things that Whitby is known for. The ruined gothic abbey, the steps up the hillside, arcades, cafes, and even the story of Dracula provide a backdrop for your activities.

The whalebone arch on the North Terrace facing the sea will give you an idea of the true size of a whale, while the Captain Cook Memorial Museum will remind you of the age of adventure. And of course, the fish and chips in Whitby must be tasted to be believed! You’ll find Stay Stay North Yorkshire can give you access to all the chippies you need, along with every other attractions in and around Whitby.

Holiday lets in south Whitby and holiday lets in Saltburn by the Sea give you a real taste of a British holiday with plenty to do and lots to see. Saltburn is a Victorian spa town with both a pier and a water-balanced cliff lift. The cliff lift is the oldest of its type in Britain, and the pier is 600 feet long – certainly an impressive sight.

With all the local fun to be had, it’s no wonder that people look for holiday cottages to let in North Yorkshire. Holiday lets near Whitby and Saltburn aren’t your only choices, as holiday cottages are available to let all along the Yorkshire coast.

Holiday cottages Yorkshire coast residents let out are ideal for family holidays with a relaxed atmosphere and a true opportunity to “get away from it all”. They can be a great place to explore a town or village from, or a base to head out a little further and discover more of what Yorkshire has to offer.

It is an established fact that the Yorkshire coast is an area of tremendous natural beauty, but the attractions around the coastal area will appeal to many people too. Families find that some members may prefer walking on the moors, while others will prefer the option of the beach or playing in the arcades.

One of the great benefits of choosing to let holiday cottages on the Yorkshire coast is that everyone can be satisfied. It’s not like staying in a hotel where your meals are provided and your room is cleaned for you – while that may sound like an ideal situation, look at what you lose when the hotel runs everything for you.

You are held to their routines and times, and you can only eat a meal when they say so. You must be out of bed at a certain time and get quietly into bed at another time so as not to wake the other guests up.

The freedom a holiday cottage on the Yorkshire coast affords you is that you can go to bed and get up when you want. You can eat when you want, and if you get up ten minutes later than planned you don’t miss breakfast entirely.

You have no worries about the menu not catering to your tastes or requirements as you get to choose it entirely yourself. And unlike a hotel room, there are multiple rooms within a Yorkshire coast holiday cottage that will allow your family to spread out and relax. If you go to bed late, the only people you will disturb are those that you are with, and there will be no other guests to contend with.

It really is a holiday where you can make your own decisions about everything you can do, and your family will enjoy every single moment of it.

Holiday Cottages to Let

By now, you might be wondering if there is a downside to holiday lets on the North Yorkshire coast. If there is, it is simply that there is so much to see and so much choice that it is impossible to only make the decision to visit once.

Luckily, with the savings you can make by choosing holiday cottages to let in North Yorkshire you’ll be able to visit more often, perhaps having two or three breaks per year. You’ll find many properties available to let on our website, and you’ll easily be able to see all the facilities that are available. This will give you the best opportunity to make a great choice based on your requirements, and you’ll be clearly able to see the price of your stay.

There’s no set amount of time you need to book your holiday for, as single days, weekends, and other periods can be accommodated. This is often tricky to arrange with hotels that expect 1-week or 2-week long breaks and have standard check-in/check-out times. The flexibility of the personal touch you will experience with holiday lets on the Yorkshire coast is second to none – you can even book holiday cottages to take a break on your own.

Holiday Lets Whitby UK

As you know, Whitby is a popular location with people of all ages. The range of attractions is wide and varied, and there is plenty to see, eat, and do in and around Whitby. But Whitby isn’t the only destination you can reach when you holiday lets on the East Yorkshire coast.

Why not consider Redcar or Marske? Like many towns and villages in the area, their names are of Viking origin, and people have lived in the area for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. When a place has been occupied for so long, there’s got to be something worthwhile about it.

Runswick Bay is one of the most picturesque places on the Yorkshire coast, ideal for a family holiday. With fantastic views and an attractive sandy beach, the cottages in Runswick Bay are famed for their red roofs. Surfing is a favourite pastime but if walking is more to your liking, the coastal path will provide some spectacular views.

The bay is found within the North York Moors National Park giving ample opportunity for everyone to connect with nature and enjoy the stunning beauty of Yorkshire.

Holiday Lets North Yorkshire

To find holiday cottages Yorkshire coast holidaymakers will love is simply a matter of choosing your desired location or the number of guests you will have on your adventure. Once you find holiday lets in Staithes, holiday lets near Whitby, or holiday cottages in Redcar, we’re sure you’ll be ready to get into relaxation mode and have the time of your life.

Yorkshire coast holiday cottages give you one of the best experiences possible for a vacation in the UK. The landscape and attractions are unmatched around the country, and the local people are always welcoming and friendly. Saltburn holiday lets are popular with families who want a traditional seaside experience, but easy access to the moors and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway can give those who appreciate a different pace of life something to enjoy too.

Holiday Cottages Letting Agents

As a family-run business, the Stay North Yorkshire team knows what is required for a successful and enjoyable family holiday. We also know each family is unique, and we’re certain that the selection of holiday cottages Yorkshire coast visitors can choose from on our website will satisfy everyone.

From coastal villages to inland lets near the moors and other locations, you can choose the ideal cottage for your perfect holiday. Holiday lets on the east and north Yorkshire coasts will always give you great views, time to relax, and an environment that makes you want to come back again and again.

If you’d like to make a booking or simply want to have a query answered, get in touch today. We’re happy to help with anything you’d like to know, and we’ll always try to meet your requirements.