Holiday Cottages North Yorkshire

for Holidays to Remember

For holiday cottages in North Yorkshire holidaymakers adore, look no further than staynorthyorkshire.com. We offer holiday cottages to let across the whole North Yorkshire area including Whitby, Saltburn, Redcar, Staithes, and other locations too.

We are a family run business, so we understand how the dynamics of a family work. Our accommodation is always top-class as we’ve worked to find the most excellent holiday cottages North Yorkshire can provide. There are great benefits to choosing holiday cottages to let over other options such as hotels. You get to choose how your day runs from start to finish, and you don’t have to be in any particular place at a set time. It’s like a home from home where you set the rules and truly can have a relaxing time on your holiday.

There are many different properties to choose from for as many or as few guests to stay as you need. Perhaps you want to get away somewhere tranquil and quiet for a milestone birthday celebration, or maybe you want to explore the countryside. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway and the Moors National Park might interest you, or perhaps you are looking for the attractions in and around Whitby. Whatever your reason for choosing a holiday let in North Yorkshire, we’re certain we can provide a solution that suits your requirements perfectly.

Choosing a Staycation in North Yorkshire

For many people, jetting off to an exotic location may be the first thought that enters the mind when considering taking a break. There are many reasons to choose to stay within the UK for your holiday, and many things to see and do around North Yorkshire. Saltburn holiday lets give you easy access to the beach and Victorian-style seaside attractions, while holiday lets near Whitby will give you the chance to see the ruined Whitby Abbey perched high on the East Cliff, find out more about Captain Cook, and enjoy fish and chips by the sea.

Staying in the market town of Guisborough will give you easy access to many historic locations including Gisborough Priory, which dates back to the 12th century. The town itself is mentioned in the Domesday Book, making it likely that the settlement is over 1000 years old – in fact, some believe it may be closer to 2000 years in age. Of course, the history may not be the primary reason for choosing any location. Museums, restaurants, pubs, and the nightlife scene can all contribute towards a great holiday. When these attractions combine with the flexibility holiday cottages to let in North Yorkshire can provide, you know that you’re on to a winner.

Many people find that choosing a staycation, a holiday or vacation in the country where they live is far more convenient than choosing to take a break abroad. You’re far enough away from home to have a real holiday, but close enough to home to have less to worry about, less to pack, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy the food. There’s no need to find your passports for staying at holiday lets near Whitby, and you don’t need to worry about airport security checks. You’ll find holiday lets in Staithes to be much more friendly than any airport security guard.

Holiday cottages to let in North Yorkshire vary in size, style, and location. You’ll find that across North Yorkshire the landscape varies widely, from lush green areas to built-up towns and cities. Holiday cottages can be found in all areas, giving you the opportunity to explore Yorkshire like never before. Skinningrove is a village in the North East of Yorkshire, near to Redcar, and provides a quiet place to stay with access to many nearby attractions. The village itself is known for fishing and mining and has a large sandy beach to enjoy. It’s gems like this village that help you to appreciate all that Yorkshire has to offer.

Similarly, Saltburn holiday lets are very popular with visitors, as Saltburn is known for its architecture and long Victorian pier. You can easily imagine people enjoying the town over a hundred years ago, and still get an idea of the views they appreciated back in the 1800s.

If you want to find holiday lets in Staithes, you’ll also be able to appreciate the past as Staithes has a relaxed atmosphere and is full of small winding streets. Perfect for starting your holiday with a small sandy beach and easy access to many of the coastal walk paths, Staithes also has a gallery and restaurants that welcome people all year round.

Enjoy Your Time in North Yorkshire Holiday Cottages

Time is the one commodity that you can’t buy more of, and so time well spent on a holiday in North Yorkshire is valuable. When you’re looking for the finest holiday cottages North Yorkshire has to offer, you’ll find our selection to be unrivalled – but of course, holiday lets are not the only way to take a vacation. Some people may have a preference for staying in hotels, and there are good reasons for this. Your meals may be provided, your room can be cleaned for you, it really is a life of luxury. However, there is a major downside to staying in any hotel – you must abide by their rules and regulations, and everything runs by the clock. Taking a holiday is the choice to do something different, something out of the ordinary. Every other day of the year your life may be timed down to the minute with taking kids to school, going to work, and so on.

Holiday lets in North Yorkshire provide the opportunity to put all of this to one side and focus on the things that really matter, such as spending quality time with loved ones and enjoying every second of it. There’s nothing worse than having a day full of activities followed by waking up early in the morning just to be able to have breakfast from a set menu. You can get out of bed when you want to, and you can choose to eat when you want to.

Moreover, you can choose what you want to eat as well! Will it be a 3-course meal in a restaurant in Guisborough or fish and chips from Whitby? Perhaps you’ll find a café that serves the best bacon sandwich you’ve ever tasted, or maybe you’ll make use of the kitchen in your cottage to make your own meals whenever you choose. There’s no rush to return in case you miss the evening meal, and that’s what makes a holiday truly enjoyable, the ability to relax and do things that you want at your own pace. The cottage itself will be larger than any hotel room, and where many hotels are a single room with an attached bathroom, a cottage is a complete living environment with a kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and other rooms too. When the kids want to play, they can play in whichever room you choose for them, and they can even play outside as most holiday cottages in North Yorkshire feature gardens. There are no unknown guests in the room next doors so you can let your kids be kids and have as much fun as you will on your holiday.

Finding the Holiday Cottages North Yorkshire Offers

Choosing from the holiday lets North Yorkshire has to offer is as simple as choosing your location and browsing through the available cottages. Remember, these are complete homes for you to stay in and come with all the conveniences you’d expect. You’re not limited in the same way that you would be in a hotel room. You can wash your clothes, watch TV in comfort, or relax in the garden. If you need to get online, you’ll find that many of the holiday cottages in North Yorkshire include high-speed Wi-Fi at no extra cost, whereas in hotels you’re often competing with other guests for bandwidth and paying for the privilege too. Flexibility is key with every holiday cottage in North Yorkshire. Hotels will often require bookings to last an entire week or longer, whereas holiday cottages can accommodate long weekends, a few days midweek, or just simply as long as you choose whenever you choose.

Combining flexibility and freedom to add that extra special touch to your holiday that might otherwise be missing, giving you the chance to have the holiday of a lifetime right on your own doorstep. Stay North Yorkshire is a family run business and so we appreciate that many of the visitors to North Yorkshire will have certain requirements in mind for the comfort and happiness of their own family. We aim to meet and exceed your expectations by providing accommodation that is located in towns and villages such as Marske, Port Mulgrave, Whitby, Sandsend, Lythe, and others, to give you a taste of the best Yorkshire has to offer while simultaneously giving you the option of enjoying your holiday in exactly the way you choose.If you’re interested in the holiday cottages North Yorkshire visitors choose to have a great vacation, then look for your ideal holiday let on our site. Please get in touch if you have any queries as we are happy to help and always aim to satisfy your needs, and we want you to love North Yorkshire just as much as we do.